Two Weeks is a Brisbane-based web-series exploring what it means to be young, queer, and uncertain.

This nine episode series has been split over three different, intertwining story streams.

Audrey and Claire have a complicated past, which is rekindled after they accidentally reconnect over a dating app. While Audrey yearns for the good times they once had, she discovers that old habits continue to resurface within both of them and that she cannot live tied to the past any longer.

Mitch and Alex have been together for a few years now, but over time, they find themselves stuck in a bickering, domestic life. A new work opportunity arises for Alex and they begin to question whether they should compromise for each other or follow their own paths.

Lucas, Mitch’s brother, is heading out on a road trip with his best friend, Laura, Laura’s boyfriend, Sean, and Emma, a girl that Laura has set him up with. During the trip, Lucas and Sean share a moment which complicates their relationship, leading them to figure out what it means for the future.